Membership Criteria

A new application must be received and approved by Young Presidents’ Organization International before applicant reaches his or her forty-fifth (45th) birthday.

YPO membership is limited to individuals who are responsible for the full operation of a qualifying corporation or division. Such individuals must hold one of the following titles: President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Partner, Publisher, or an equivalent of any of the above. Both a Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer and a President of the same qualified corporation may not simultaneously be members of YPO.  As part of the process, YPO Chicago may request to validate financials or payroll records.

Quantitative Company Criteria*

Base YPO Requirement Chicago Chapter Requirement
Number of Employees 50 50
Financial Requirement
Sales/Service/Mfg $13,000,000M $26,000,000M
Financial Institution (assets) $260,000,000M $520,000,000M
Agency (fees/commissions) $10,000,000M
Start-Up (Public) $20,000,000M
Start-Up (Private) $20,000,000M
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