Membership Application FAQs

How long does the new member application process take?

Completing the new member application process can take anywhere from one to four months The Chapter will work through their own interview process followed by final approval from the Chapter Membership Committee. Once the Membership Committee approves the applicant, Chapter-approved applications are sent to YPO International for approval and processing. This last step can take between two and four weeks.

How much are the dues for the Chapter and for YPO International?

Chicago Chapter dues are $5,267/year plus a one-time $7,500 initiation fee *
YPOI dues are $3,975/year plus a one-time $3,975 initiation fee.

Who is my primary contact during the process?

Your sponsor and/or the Membership Chair is your primary contact.

What do I need to submit along with the online application?

All online applications should be completely filled out and have a third party signature on them to verify the accuracy of the information. The verifying party must be an outside firm (accountant, legal, etc.). Please include an electronic photo along with a company organization chart and a brief personal and professional bio.

What if I don’t have a Sponsor?

The Membership Chair will assign a sponsor if the prospective member does not have one.

What is the role of the Sponsor?

The sponsor’s role is primarily to be an ambassador for the new candidate and help support them throughout the membership process.

 What are the requirements to join YPO/Chicago?

A new application must be received and approved by Young Presidents’ Organization International before applicant reaches his or her forty-fifth (45th) birthday. Exceptions may be made for new chapters only.

YPO membership is limited to individuals who are responsible for the full operation of a qualifying corporation or division. Such individuals must hold one of the following titles: President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Managing Partner, Publisher, or an equivalent of any of the above. Both a Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer and a President of the same qualified corporation may not simultaneously be members of YPO.

Quantitative Company Criteria

Base YPO Requirement Chicago Chapter Requirement
Number of Employees 50 50
Financial Requirement
Sales/Service/Mfg $13,000,000 $26,000,000
Financial Institution (assets) $260,000,000 $520,000,000
Agency (fees/commissions) $10,000,000

Why are the requirements different for YPO/Chicago versus other chapters in YPO?

Each chapter has the ability to set their own requirements for membership.

If I am not accepted as part of YPO, can I re-apply at a future date?

Yes. Prospective Members may re-apply to YPO/Chicago or to the other two Chicago area chapters for membership.

How many Educational Events do I need to attend to qualify?

Prospective Members must attend two (2) chapter events prior to becoming a member of YPO.

Is there a formal interviewing process?

Yes, there is a formal interview process that is coordinated by the Membership Chair. A Prospective Member will meet with one to two members for this interview.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about membership?

Please email your question to

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