YPO Chicago Chapter Membership Application Process

Part 3

Key Steps:  Preliminary Approval, Sponsorship Confirmation and Event Attendance.

  1. Sponsorship Confirmation.
    When your application has been pre-approved, you have successfully navigated the first phase of YPO/Chicago membership. At this stage it is critical for you to have a sponsor – an eligible YPO member in good standing – who will help you throughout the remainder of the new member process. If you don’t have a sponsor, the Membership Chair can assign one to you. If you already have a sponsor, it is important for the sponsor to understand his or her role and responsibilities detailed  here. The Membership Chair will be communicating with your sponsor to discuss his or her responsibilities. Your sponsor should interact with you regularly to help streamline the process. Learn more about the role of a Sponsor  >

  2. Event Attendance.
    The YPO/Chicago Chapter requires that each prospective member attend a minimum of two Chapter Educational Events. Education events (scheduled monthly September through June) are a great way to meet YPO/Chicago members and experience firsthand the Chicago Chapter’s programs. The Membership Chair will coordinate with you to determine which events are available for prospective members to attend and provide you with all the information you’ll need: date, time, dress code, etc.. Events are held within the greater Chicagoland area; most are scheduled during weekday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Spouses are encouraged to attend the events along with prospective members.
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